06 September 2019 – Recent update of LUMIN website.

27.08.2019 – Great news: Dr. Kristian Villegas, Meng Sun and Prof. Ivan Savenko in collaboration with Dr. Vadim Kovalev (Novosibirsk) got a manuscript published in Phys. Rev. Letters. It is called "Unconventional Bloch-Grüneisen scattering in hybrid Bose-Fermi systems".

15.08.2019 – Our manuscript "Valley Acoustoelectric Effect" (published in PRL) has appeared in different news ( and Wikipedia (

29.07-10.08.2019 – Prof. Ivan Savenko participated at the International Workshop and Conference "Weyl Fermions in Condensed Matter" with an Invited Talk.

22-27.07.2019 – Prof. Ivan Savenko participated at the International Conference "META 2019" with an Invited Talk.

16.07.2019 – Ms. Kabyashree Sonoval joins LUMIN team as a summer trainee till mid-September 2019. We wish her fruitful and pleasant stay in our group and IBS!

02-06.06.2019 – Prof. Ivan Savenko participated at the International Conference "PLMCN 20" with a Talk.

26.06.2019 – Prof. Ivan Savenko has got a manuscript published in the journal Phys. Rev. Letters: It reports on a discovery of a novel Valley Acoustoelectric Effect.

24.06.2019 – Dogyun Ko (joint Master/PhD student) has successfully passed his mid-term examination and became a PhD student. Congratulations!

17-21.06.2019 – Prof. Ivan Savenko and a PhD student Meng Sun participated at the International Workshop "Recent Advances in Topological Photonics" ( held at IBS PCS

12.06.2019 – Prof. Ivan Savenko participated at the PhD thesis proposal of Hyun Gyu Song at KAIST as an examiner.

20-24.05.2019 – Profs. Ivan Savenko, Sven Höfling, and Mikhail Glazov organized and held an International Workshop "Spintronics and Valleytronics of Two-dimensional Materials" (

16.05.2019 – Dr. Kristian Villegas left the group to start his new Research Fellow position at the NTU, Singapore. Farewell, Kristian!

29-30.04.2019 – IBS hosted the 2nd Advisory Board Meeting. We thank all the members of our Advisory Board for their multiple important comments and suggestions!

24-26.04.2019 – All the team members participated at the annual meeting of the Korean Physical Society ("KPS"). Meng Sun and Kristian Villegas delivered talks, Ivan Savenko chaired a session on "Non-hermitian topology".

01.02.2019 – We have started our Green's Functions problem solving class.

23-25.01.2019 – All the team members participated at the 3rd PCS Internal Workshop (Retreat).

15.01.2019 – Dr. Sukjin Yoon left the group. Farewell!

06-10.11.2018 – PhD students Meng Sun and Dogyun Ko and Prof. Ivan Savenko took part at the ICTP Asian Network School of Complex Condensed Matter Systems -, where Prof. Savenko gave a Lecture on light-matter coupling phenomena.

11.10.2018 – We warmly welcome our visitor, Prof. Dmirti Kvon, who came to give a seminar talk at our Center.

17-21.09.2018 – Prof. Savenko participated at the International Conference "Metanano 2018" ( with an Invited Talk.

14-27.07.2018 – Prof. Savenko participated at the International Workshop "Quantum Light in Nanostructures (QLIN)" ( and International Conference "Superlattices, Nanostructures and Nanodevices (ICSNN 20)" (

23-27.04.2018 – All the team members took part in two simultaneous evemts: International Workshop Meta-Optics and Metamaterials ( and Korean Physical Society (KPS) Spring meeting (

01.04.2018 – Dr. Yuri Rubo finished his sabbatical and returned back to Mexico. Farewell and see you back soon!

31.03.2018 – Dr. Lauri Toikka left the group to take over a Research Fellow position at the Innsbruck University (Austria). Farewell!

23-29.03.2018 – Two members of the group, Ivan Savenko and Kristian Villegas, participated at the International Conference "Terametanano-3" in Uxmal, Mexico (

03.02.2018 – We warmly welcome Dr. Denis Karpov from the University of Innsbruck, Austria. Dr. Karpov visits IBS PCS in the framework of our international collaboration.

31.01.2018 – We moved to new premises: now IBS has its own building in Daejeon.

05.01.2018 – We have got a paper published in Physical Review Letters on "Evolution of Temporal Coherence in Confined Exciton-Polariton Condensates" ( This work is a result of joint effort with our experimental collaborators from Würzburg, Germany.

20-24.11.2017 – Ivan Savenko gave an Invited Lecture at the Asian Network School and Workshop on Complex Condensed Matter Systems (Hanoi, Vietnam).

19-21.04.2017 – We took part at the organization of Korean Physical Society (KPS) Spring Meeting: Pioneer symposium "Nonlinear dissipative quantum Bose-Einstein condensates".

01.09.2017 – New team member, Dogyun Ko, joined our LUMIN team as a joint Master/PhD student.

08-10.11.2017 – We all took part at the PCS Internal Workshop during Retreat (STX Resort, Mungyeong, South Korea).

15-19.05.2017 – We have organised an International Workshop on Physics of Exciton-Polaritons in Artificial Lattices in Daejeon, Korea.

01.08.2017 – New team member, Dr. Lauri Toikka, joined our LUMIN team as a Research Fellow.

01.06.2017 – New team member, Dr. Kristian Villegas, joined our LUMIN team as a Research Fellow.

01.04.2017 – New team member, Prof. Yuri Rubo, joined our LUMIN team for one year of sabbatical.

01.01.2017 – Ivan Savenko has become affiliated with the UST - University of Science and Technology (Korea) as a Professor.

18.10.2016 – We warmly welcome our visitor at IBS, Prof. Mikko Möttönen from Aalto University, Finland and wish him pleasant stay at IBS.

01.10.2016 – New team member, Sukjin Yoon, joined our LUMIN team as a Research Fellow.

18.08.2016 – We warmly welcome Dr. Vadim Kovalev from Novosibirsk State Technical University, Russia. Dr. Kovalev visits IBS in the framework of our international collaboration on hybrid Bose-Fermi systems.

01.04.2016 - 17th International Conference on Physics of Light-Matter Coupling in Nanostructures ( this year was in March(28-31) in Nara, Japan. PLMCN series are devoted to fundamental and application-oriented problems relevant to the realization of a new generation of opto-electronic devices based on advanced low-dimensional and photonic structures, such as the polariton laser, optical circuits, single photon sources, etc.
Dr. Ivan Savenko participated at the conference with the talk "Full quantum treatment of the exciton-polariton condensation".

18-21.04.2016 – We warmly welcome our visitor at IBS, Dr. Hugo Flayac, from the EPFL, Switzerland. We have long-term well-established and very fruitful collaboration with Dr. Flayac and are glad to discuss with him future projects.

20.03.2016 – New team member, Mr. Meng Sun, joined our LUMIN group as a PhD student.

16.02.2016 – LUMIN team (Light-Matter Interaction in Nanostructures and Dissipative Condensates team) was founded.
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